Everything You Need to Know About FeedbackSwift

Milica Denić

Milica Denić

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Here at Exentrim, we take great pride in providing simple SaaS solutions to complex business needs at all levels.

One of our main products, FeedbackSwift is a software young in years, but rich in trust already deserved by the distinguished companies such as Siemens, Belmedic, Pharmed, IPS (Intelligent Process Solutions), and (medical practice in Germany).

With its powerful features and robust functionalities, FeedbackSwift allows you to experience the craft of making a survey in minutes, collect valuable feedback, and analyze data that will empower your business.

But let’s not leave the words lying meaninglessly: here is a brief explanation of FeedbackSwift’s key features.

White glove service for effortless setup

Belonging to the new generation of SaaS software, FeedbackSwift eliminates the need for expensive licensing, demanding installation process, and troubling about memory space.

It’s simple as that – you just sign in, and we take care of all the rest.

Best of all, it’s guaranteed to be compatible with any preexisting software you might already have.

FeedbackSwift mobile application

Download our app for free via App Store or Google Play to enjoy all the benefits of the remote access and cross-device compatibility.

Translations & internationalization

To meet the global demands of our international users, we always strive to open up our platform for more native languages, thus offering multilingual content.

Color themes

You can use different color schemes to give your survey a touch of personality, and a unique branding stamp.


Furthermore, FeedbackSwift enables you to control the look and feel of your survey, by adding the company logo instead of our swift.

Customer support via email

Each time you visit our site, we are there to chat. Save your time and effort by simply e-mailing us.

Unlimited surveys, tests/quizzes, and responses

Start free with 5 surveys and 50 responses (250 for the prepaid plan), and grow from there. Neither of our postpaid subscription plans does charge per response.

Content configuration transfer

FeedbackSwift allows you to export data and save the content configuration into a file. Vice versa, you can always create your content from a file.

Organizing content

Our built-in tools put you in full control of your content: delete all the responses for an entire survey/test, or chose the ones you wish to keep.


Interpret your results effortlessly with the summary and individual views. Advanced tools such as filters, extremes, and comparison enable you to turn your data into a real-time action by refining survey results.


We keep you updated via automatic SMS/E-MAIL notifications each time significant events occur, e.g. new summarized report.

File upload

Your respondents are allowed to upload a file as part of their survey answer.

Don't do. Delegate!

Our supreme subscription plans include a configuration service for up to three predefined surveys. Instead of setting up a survey by yourself, you can delegate the work to us.

You can always give FeedbackSwift a test drive for free, and scale from there!

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