Configurable survey platform for any business or organization.
Any subscription plan includes FeedbackSwift mobile aplication, custom URLs, color themes, unlimited statistical analysis, multilingual content and user interface
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A multitude of languages for surveys and questionnaires.
Exentrim FeedbackSwift - Multilingual
Customized look & feel
Branding according to company logo and color scheme.
Exentrim FeedbackSwift - Branding
Guided responding
Respondent is guided through survey with clear instructions about next possible step. No need for expensive education anymore.
Exentrim FeedbackSwift - Guided responding
Question importance rating
Any question can contain sub-question about its importance for respondent and thus determine refined scope of respondent’s interests.
Exentrim FeedbackSwift - Respondent’s rating of question importance
GPS location tracker
See the location of your respondents.
Testimonial taking
Respondents can leave testimonials thus providing sincere impressions.
Editing of answers before finishing
Respondents can check and edit responses before survey completion.
Various appearance settings
Initial text size, title appearance and much more.
Predesigned surveys and questions
Saves time during configuration process and provides industry sector ranking for our clients.
Preset and configurable validations
Validate free entered data with preset validations or custom validation expressions.
Carefully designed
For delicate groups of respondents e.g. older patients or people with eye or vision disorders.
Anonymity of survey respondents
Respondents can remain anonymous.
...and much more!
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