Exertify: A Remarkable Knowledge Generating Platform

Milica Denić

Milica Denić

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The Exentrim team is proud to present Exertify - a new SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that strives to raise the education and certification to a higher level. It’s an LMS (Learning Management System)  platform configured in accordance with the highest IT standards, which primary focus is ensuring that knowledge is easily accessible and shareable.

The e-learning industry is becoming a field of dynamic changes that are implemented at an immense speed. Evolutions take place on a daily basis, enabling boundless possibilities of acquiring new skills, knowledge, and competencies. This expansion is closely related to the challenging system of the global market and a need to keep pace with it. Exertify was created with that recognition in mind, and with an ambition to be a rising star in the field.

There is a vital benefit of Exertify which makes it a game changer: businesses of all sizes can educate and certify their employees, without having to purchase expensive courses or install equally costly software. The ROI is thus guaranteed and nurtured in increased productivity, which goes hand in hand with quality and relevant competence of the employees.



Essentially, it is as if you can inject your business’ weak points with additional intelligence, and accelerate growth. You heal your office with knowledge.

Not all LMS’s are created equal. Exertify distinguishes itself with fast deployment, easy maintenance, and technical scalability. What’s more, it can easily be integrated with any preexisting system a business might have. The interface is user-friendly and allows multimedia uploading. The employees can access the system remotely, on any device available. Best of all, their progress is easily tracked via feedback features and summary reports.



Exertify’s IT infrastructure was designed with a vital goal in mind - to reduce the learning curve. Our ambition was to meet the learning needs before they even arise, and put our software two steps ahead of any difficulty. The whole point was to make the experience of using Exertify effortless.

About Exentrim:

Behind the simple appearance of Exertify there lies a complicated IT infrastructure crafted by a dedicated team of software developers, web designers, and communications professionals that are all gathered with the same goal to provide SaaS support to everyone.  

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