Using Exentrim as a sellable content platform at NAUTICALEDU.COM

Dušan Jungović

Dušan Jungović

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How to sell nautical courses by integrating them with Exentrim

Every year, the interest in taking nautical training courses, especially for motorboat operators, increases. Interested persons have the problem of finding adequate material through which they would acquire the necessary knowledge to take the exam and obtain the necessary permits.

Use case: Nautical education and training

Nauticaledu recognized the market's need for nautical knowledge. We gathered a team of professionals from the nautical field. We started implementing the education project for all those who want to acquire the necessary knowledge for taking exams and obtaining permits in a high-quality, fast, and simple way.

Our team has created material for several courses: Course for Inland Waters Boat License, skipper training course, training for operating the radar, using the marine radio, and basics of diving.

The solution

We did not have our own platform when we started the project implementation. We were looking for a partner with a quality learning platform that would allow participants to learn everything necessary to pass the exam in one place. Without such a platform, participants were denied the opportunity to learn whenever possible, whether at work, at home, or on vacation.

We found the right partner in the Exentrim company, and thus we "closed the circle". Exentrim gave us the opportunity to create comprehensive nautical training on their platform. Also, with the Exentrim platform, we gained access to integrated payment channels, significantly facilitating our training courses' purchases. Courses are available to customers on our website, These features enabled us to successfully connect our website with the Exentrim platform, making purchasing our online training courses extremely fast, simple, and, most importantly, secure.

We mainly highlight our most popular training course: Course for Inland Waters Boat License, which contains the manual for taking the motorboat driver exam, tests through which the participants can check the acquired knowledge, video materials that facilitate their learning, as well as surveys through which they can express their opinions about the training itself.

We can also monitor the learning process of our participants, communicate with them, and help them if they encounter certain doubts while working on the platform.

After completing our training and successfully passing the final test, a certificate of completed training is generated on the platform for our participants.

It turns out that we made the right decision by choosing Exentrim as our partner.

The impressions of the participants are very positive. Hundreds of successfully completed trainings, passed exams and obtained permits speak in favor of this.


It turns out that we made the right decision by choosing Exentrim as our partner.


Through cooperation with the Exentrim company, we found a way to transfer our knowledge to the participants easily and simply, and to prepare them for passing the exams. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Access to the Exentrim platform from any place, anytime, makes it easier for participants to acquire knowledge with great freedom in learning. It allows us to monitor their learning progress in real-time, receive feedback and further improve the training content on the Exentrim platform.

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