Highly Effective Methods That Innovative Companies Use Content Platforms

Milica Denić

Milica Denić

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Over the past few years, the rise of content marketing industry has been tremendous. You can hear every marketer hailing: Content is King, Context is Queen. Content marketing has become a fundamental part of businesses for better visibility, brand awareness, and to maintain a digital presence. 

According to research by Hubspot academy, 65% of companies gain success due to their content marketing efforts. It was not too long ago that making and updating a website was a really tricky job. Luckily, soon after content platforms came into play. Content platform is built to help users manage content, as well as develop their website. 

In simpler words, a content platform allows you to focus more on the content side of the business - they come in handy for easy tools and features. Your business can totally rely upon content platform services to create appealing websites as well as allow reliable communication with potential clients. FeedbackSwift is a great example as it’s a configurable survey platform built for any business or organization. You can check out this expert’s review of FeedbackSwift to see if it matches what you’re looking for in a survey platform.

Let’s take a look at some highly effective methods and features that innovative companies use content platforms:

Top 5 Highly Effective Methods That Innovative Companies Use Content Platforms

  1. AI-Enabled 

If you have finally decided to invest in a digital content platform, you must know the methods and features to maximize the results. One of the factors you should look for in any content system is artificial intelligence (AI). Many outdated platforms are still in the early stages of deploying and adopting artificial intelligence into their solutions. 

However, FeedbackSwift content platform has passed the first stage of simple tagging and moved to high-value applications. More advanced solutions offer new digital assets. Your business can use it to train its own datasets, analyze tags and texts, conduct analysis, and trigger faster workflows. Imagine an easy-to-use content solution perform all this work for you in the blink of an eye? Yep - it’s totally worth it to optimize your everyday content requirements.

In addition, FeedbackSwift is not just easy-to-use for you as it’s just as intuitive for your end-users. Your survey respondents are guided with clear instructions so they will know what to do in each step. This way, they are more likely to finish the survey effectively.

 2. Content-Agnostic 

You might end up with a platform that helps you manage files and documents as well as store photos and videos, but innovative companies search for much more than that. Another top feature of an intuitive content platform is established by digital asset management (DAM). 

When you are operating in a business, numerous files are flooding into your system each minute. Having a sudden malfunction or breakdown is something your business cannot afford. Content solution platforms offer multi-gigabyte files with the ability to move them around while saving them. You can actually operate a dozen files without fear of losing them. It helps to boost your day-to-day business dramatically without impacting the system’s usability. 

   3. Audience Interests Insights

Indulging your brand message into content topics and presenting it virtually is hard to pull off manually. One of the top features of a content platform is to decode interests and allow a pure analysis of the audience’s interests. 

Consider putting all your efforts and time into a business strategy, but until and unless you don’t have a tool for deep audience interest analysis - what’s the point? In order to track your regular content insights and engagement, you need meaningful and reliable software in tracking audience interests. This is why a smart content platform tracks millions of insights from the content. The tools allow you to have an online survey builder, graph-based semantic search, determine user interests.

FeedbackSwift lets you refine the scope of your respondent’s interest by not just asking questions, but also adding sub-questions where you can gain insights on importance rating. Additionally, it is multilingual so you can create surveys and questionnaires on a wide range of languages to suit your audience better.

4. Real-time Analysis

In today’s time, anything can become viral in minutes. Online engagement can drop and crest in a matter of hours. Your business must know the content that generates the most interest and finds patterns. A content platform provides real-time analytics dashboards - providing an amazing opportunity to businesses. 

A lot of content software will tell you which article is trending, but they won’t tell you why it’s trending. Businesses have advanced, and it’s not as simple as collecting reviews for your website. Real-time insights feature allows you to track patterns in nuances, including artificial intelligence. It helps the business to track why an article resonates with your audience and why. 

  5. Author Analysis

Effective content companies know the value of author analysis, but it’s not basic science. Author analysis is measured via audience engagement. At times you may think there’s no rhyme to an author’s performance. 

The top content platforms understand and track trickly author engagement by segmenting data with the content creator. When companies compare insights with topic, author and audience segment, companies can track who is making the most effort and who isn’t. 

Boost your Brand With Leading Content Platform Services

Nowadays, a smart content platform service software can make your business much smarter. It makes your digital force and especially, content team, more efficient, effective, and digitally empowered. 

With a modern and real-time CSP, your business can dive through the content chaos and seize every opportunity that comes in its way. These are some of the highly effective methods that innovative companies use content platforms, once you adopt these, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

FeedbackSwift is a survey platform that you can customize according to your branding by adjusting templates according to your company’s look and feel. It is cost-effective as well. In fact, you can start free with essential features and unlimited surveys, tests or quizzes, and responses. Once you need more features, you can easily scale up or down to different plans that suit your needs best. If you’re interested, you can immediately sign up and start using the platform at no cost.

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