5 Common Mistakes When Making A Survey

Milica Denić

Milica Denić

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Creating online surveys is a weapon that many people underestimate. In reality,  it is the best solution to one of the main problems that many have: getting feedback from their potential customers and employees. All you need is: questions to ask, responses to be obtained, a strategy to interact with the people who are survey takers.

In this blog, post, we are going to see what are those common mistakes in making a survey and how to avoid them.

The questions we need to ask ourselves before even start are:

How many different types of surveys are there? Which one should you choose? How can you make them? What are the best tools you can use? How can you get lots of responses?

And what are the most common mistakes when making a survey?

1.   Choosing the wrong title of your survey, or not naming it at all

Choose the title of your survey. You can set up your survey online in various ways. For example Employee Satisfaction Survey. 80% of survey takers decide whether something is worth their attention based on the title (if they are not obligated to take a survey). You have to find the title of them all which, is clear and attracts your employees to participate in your survey. Remember that your goal must be to have as many responses as possible, but still from people who are within your office.

2.    Not deciding on questions and responses

Once you have chosen the purpose of your survey, the type, and title to use can be used to build the main part: Questions and Responses. There is something you need to know right away. Just ask for information that will be useful to you. Each additional question is a step away from completing your survey.

3.    Not - focusing on simplicity.

The questions must be simple and clear. Do not write long and complex sentences: the maximum length of each sentence should be 20 words. Questions and responses must not exceed one line in length.

4.    Don’t create confusion.

Try to use a few negative sentences: "Which of the following is BOTHERING YOU on your job?” Creates more confusion than "Which of the following you think you can change on your job?” the When you decide to use a negative phrase - for example, to test your audience's attention - make denial clear (use bold, uppercase ...). Begin the questions with the words "what", "how", "when", "how" and "why". Keep the same length for correct and wrong responses. Don't give clues that affect users.

5.    Don’t be imprecise

Do not use, in the questions or in the responses, words like "approximately", "at least", "about". Avoid repeating options such as "none of the responses" or, on the contrary, "all other responses". Make sure the correct responses are definitely correct and the wrong ones are definitely wrong. Avoid ambiguity of language.

And.. if you are struggling to choose which survey platform to use – DON’T!

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