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The survey responses can be collected online or offline, in your practice or anywhere else, from all mobile devices and personal computers.
Accepted by all patient and age groups?
Absolutely! Battle-Proven!
Whether young or old, our simple and attractive design guarantees a low fatigue rate resulting in a high acceptance and completion number.
The analytical powerhouse
It's unmatched analytical capabilities will provide the critical data you need to excel.
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FeedbackSwift. Small investement - big outcome!
For as little as 0,20€ per response or less than 1€ per day!
You get statistically, highly reliable survey results and you even fulfill an important part of the quality management requirements for medical practices.
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You can effortlessly become a seller, too.
While collecting your own survey results, you can effortlessly become a seller too by sharing a survey you personally created on the Exentrim Content Store.
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