(VIDEO) How web-based quality management software helps medical practices and clinics

Dr. med. Christoph Huber

Dr. med. Christoph Huber

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Hausaerzte-Gruenwald.de wanted to improve performance but also fulfill quality control requirements

This is a guest post by Dr. med. Christoph Huber, co-owner at hausaerzte-gruenwald.de.

Although we were a successful, thriving practice, we realized that due to our focus as doctors on treating our patients, we were not able to fully see and understand how all areas of our practice were working. 

For example, we couldn't be in the reception area, waiting room, or laboratory with our patients.  Even when we interacted with our patients directly, we determined it was difficult to access their experience beyond the medical side.

We recognized that our quality management was not being maximized which did not fit in with our goal of always striving to provide the best overall medical care possible.  Therefore, we concluded we needed an analytical tool to capture a comprehensive picture of our practice from our patients' point of view so that we could make improvements to serve them even better. 

From old-fashioned paper forms

Our search for a data collection and analysis method ranged from considering the old-fashioned paper forms as well as electronic versions but none seemed to be targeted to our specific needs.  Some proved to be unreliable or ineffective while others were too time-consuming or too complicated.

As doctors, any tools that required us to wade through piles of data to analyze the results and took time away from our primary role of providing quality patient care were unacceptable.   


By using Exentrim, we are not only able to monitor and improve our practice performance but also fulfill part of our official quality control requirements.

To web-based online and offline survey software solution

At the conclusion of our search, we determined a new web-based online and offline survey software solution was needed to meet our specific requirements.

The software development goals were to create an application that was fast and easy to use for the patients, staff, and doctors and that provided valuable information which ultimately would lead to identifying areas where real and positive improvements could be made to optimize our practice.

Integrating FeedbackSwift to improve patient satisfaction

We have now been using Exentrim’s FeedbackSwift - survey application continuously for over a year and have collected important information from hundreds of patients. 

Through the software´s data collection, automatic e-mail notifications and superior analytical possibilities such as multiple filter and comparison options, we have already easily implemented substantial improvements in our practice.  By using Exentrim, we are not only able to monitor and improve our practice performance but also fulfill part of our official quality control requirements. 

Going further with Exertify

Exentrim also offers excellent training, education and certification tool Exertify which we can use to address targeted and strategic areas where improvement is desired. 

Its flexibility gives us the ability to train our staff in relation to the unique needs of our practice. 

It just fits 

Exentrim’s incredible software solution has become an invaluable partner in our daily work and we can´t imagine ever being without it. Whether we need a quick overview, an in-depth analysis or training, it´s always easily accessible and ready to quickly and effectively provides the results we need.

Exentrim’s quality management software applications fit effortlessly into an extremely busy work schedule of medical practices as well as medical clinics.

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