Medical Practice

Doctors Christoph Huber and Holger Silbernagl

Our goal is to provide the best possible prevention and disease treatment. For that purpose we pursue a holistic approach to medical care considering the individual situation.

Range of services and therapeutic methods for health including prevention, diagnostics (based on always calibrated equipment) with related therapy in cooperation with dedicated medical professionals and approved individual health services.


Medical practices in Germany are obliged to take care about patients’ opinions but initial paper surveying was pretty complicated and inappropriate for analyzing.


In January, 2017 we started with patient satisfaction surveying via FeedbackSwift mobile application. Patients can use our tablets in practice and respond during waiting time or download application from application store and respond in their free time.

Thanks to Cockpit we can easily configure any survey and see immediate results. So, now, we can easily indicate main patient’s expectations and directions of work to raise service quality.

Thanks to sector ranking we will be able to compare results with other practices with the same questionnaires. It is also encouraging that development roadmap of Cockpit contains other useful modules e.g. time management.

Very happy user!

Doctor Holger Silbernagl
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